In Case of an Accident

Why choose Airport Auto Rebuilders

Lifetime warranty on all repairs for as you own the vehicle.
Quality from start to finish.
High customer satisfaction ratings.
Family owned and operated
Able to give customers personal attention and care.
Computerized color match system for a guaranteed color match.
Honest and competitive pricing.
Knowledgeable - We don’t just fix your vehicle, we inform you about your auto body repair process.
Convenient location across from Midway Airport.
We work with all insurance companies and will assist you throughout the insurance claim process.
Freedom of choice: Your right to have your vehicle repaired by the facility of your choice. Airport Auto Rebuilders participates in several Insurance company preferred lists, but we do not compromise our quality to be on an insurance company’s list. You are not required to have your vehicle repaired by an insurance companies preferred auto body repair facility. We can repair your vehicle even if we are not on an insurance company’s list - the auto body repair facility guarantees repairs, not the insurance company.

What to do:

  • Try to remain calm.
  • Make sure there are no injuries. Call 911 if any people involved in the accident are injured.
  • Contact local police in order to complete an accident report.
  • Try to get as much information as possible at the scene of the accident. If the accident involves another party, try to get all their information, especially their insurance information.
  • Do not try to drive an unsafe vehicle. An unsafe vehicle can cause another accident and put you and others into danger. If your car is not drivable call Airport Auto Rebuilders or Kustom Towing to arrange to have your vehicle towed directly to our facility.
  • Signs your vehicle is not drivable:
    • Damaged tire, wheel or suspension
    • Hood, doors, trunk will not close
    • Deployed airbags or seatbelts
    • Broken headlamps or tail lamps
    • Broken glass
    • Leaking fluids
    • Any other damage that compromises the safety of your vehicle.
  • Report the accident to the insurance company. You can either report it to your insurance company or to the other party’s insurance company if they are at fault. If there is question of liability just report the accident to your insurance. Make sure you obtain a claim number from the insurance company. The claim number is needed to send and retrieve information about your claim between the auto repair facility and the insurance company.
  • If your car is drivable, contact Airport Auto Rebuilders for an appointment to drop off your vehicle for repairs. We honor insurance company estimates. However, you are not required take your vehicle to an insurance company drive-in facility to obtain an estimate. For your convenience, notify your insurance company that your vehicle is at our facility, and they will send out a representative to access the damage on your vehicle.
  • Before you drop your vehicle, remove all personal items including anything in the trunk, garage door openers, parking passes, I-Pass, eyeglasses, keys, etc. Disable alarms, and make sure your vehicle has fuel.
  • Bring all keys and key fobs, wheel locks, owners manual, radio code, and the insurance company estimate if damages were already assessed.
  • Let Airport Auto Rebuilders know if you are in need of a rental car. We would be glad to arrange one for you. The rental companies that we work with will bill the appropriate insurance companies directly. We would also be happy to give you a ride home if you live in the general area
  • Relax. Airport Auto Rebuilders will take it from here.

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